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The Cave of the Dark Dreams

    Not a single leaf trembles in the woods as we arrive at the cave’s mouth. There is a complete silence, the sun moves slowly towards the edge of the forest and prepares to veil the silent solitude with soothing darkness. The remaining sparse rays light the cave dimly through a gap in the […]

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The Awaken

  ”Destroyer of the cosmic order,” aquatint 2017 …and ten other etching works, on display at Kanneltalo, Helsinki 2.5.-19.5.2017. Free admission.

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Datura I

    Beautiful and deadly poisonous datura is a weed of witches, by granting a seer visions of Death. In my Datura painting a pale moonflower is taking a mortal being to the nightside. Driven by her endless curiosity, which is demanding to sacrifice everything for the unveiling of the occult. It is depicting human […]

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