Datura I



Beautiful and deadly poisonous datura is a weed of witches, by granting a seer visions of Death. In my Datura painting a pale moonflower is taking a mortal being to the nightside. Driven by her endless curiosity, which is demanding to sacrifice everything for the unveiling of the occult. It is depicting human mortality, deeply rooted in the union of nature and self and one’s constant hunger of knowledge.


Clavicula Nox. Photo by Ixaxaar.

I was really honored being asked to take part of the fifth and final issue of Clavicula Nox, a journal published by the occult publisher and distributor Ixaxaar. Clavicula Nox V: Maleficarum Nigra – Magic and Mayhem was released in the time of Walpurgisnacht 2014, and there still are a few copies left at Ixaxaar’s web store.

The latest issue turned out as a beautiful book full of great dark art and carefully selected collection of articles and rituals, written by various authors, focusing on the darker forms of witchcraft. As I have known Ixaxaar to be devoted and uncompromising of their vision occult publisher, I knew I can expect nothing but a carefully finished, high quality book. I personally love books, I love how they feel and look and smell, and with artistic touch and high quality materials it simply is a piece of art itself. Ixaxaar does an admirable work by unleashing the dark powers to the world and draping the secrets in beautiful wrappings. As a follower of the left hand path I’ve been following their work and was delighted to see my art featured in the book.

A very limited run of Datura fine art prints is now available via Ixaxaar. You can purchase the print in large size (59,4 x 48,9 cm), printed on high quality, Hahnemühle William Turner art paper and blindstamped with IXAXAAR ”Percussimus foedus cum Morte et cum Luciferi fecimus pactum” – logo.

Ixaxaar offers also small editions of other various art featured in Clavicula Nox, as an art lover I really recommend to check those. Wiley Trieff’s detailed and colorful paintings are breathtaking and I absolutely fell in love with Fosco Culto’s little icon. There are only 25 examples per print and the edition is running out fast.

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